A big welcome to you, especially if this is your first time here. If we were in Robert Frosts amazing poem 'A Time To Talk',  I'd swing open the garden gate and head over for a friendly hello! 

This website is here to help you explore and celebrate your happiness via the arts, psychology and meditation. You'll find some lovely ways to explore who and what you are about and have lots of fun creating a beautiful life from the inside out.

Here are a few words that I like to keep in mind while creating the courses, workshops and posts I share with you. I find it really nice to revisit them from time to time and I thought you might like to see them too!  


Self discovery


Inner Peace














Where To Start

There are hundreds of articles, videos and poems to browse here on this website so please feel welcome to have a look around. A good place to get started is with my fortnightly newsletter, if you'd like to see new posts and receive the odd invitation to a beautiful event.  


I have included a small variety of the most popular blog posts below. 


1 Minute Meditation Video With Red Magazine



How Can I Improve My Relationship With Food & Diet?

How To: Meditative Eating

What Would Chekhov Say About My Personal Grooming Habits?

Q & A Make Up And Mindfulness

How Can I Manage My Feelings Of Stress & Overwhelm?

Meditation for When You Are Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed By Life

How Can I Get Into Poetry And Start Feeling Amazing?

Why Poetry Sparks Our Joie De Vivre

Why Is Beauty (Art) Important To My Spiritual, Emotional And Creative Life?

Why Beauty Is Such An Integral Part Of Life (Beauty: Art, Nature, Wonder)


How Can I Achieve My Goals In A Holistic Fashion?

Setting Whole Goals

Why Will The Natural Boost My Mood?

The Power Of Nature; Mood, Performance And Smart Ideas.

Does Popular Music Effect My Mindset? 

The Psychology Of Music: Meditations To Do With Your Record Collection

How Can I Find A Work-Life Balance?

Finding The Balance

Why Do I Experience Social Anxiety?

Help with Social Anxiety Feeling And Comfortable In Your Own Skin Socially


What Is My Purpose In Life?

Ideas On Finding Your Passion And Purpose

How Can I Feel More Positive Day To Day?

Four Inspiring Ways To Feel More Positive Each Day

How Can I Feel More Fulfilled And Enthusiastic?

A Little Story About The Well Spring Of Plenty

How Can I Make A Fresh Start?

How To Make A Fresh Start

What Is Consciousness?

Exploring The Nature Of Thought In Consciousness P.1

Do Thoughts Come From The Brain?

The Brain And Thinking: Exploring Consciousness Part 2.

Why Is The Distance Between The Wine Bar And The Cloister Not So Great?

The Distance Between The Wine Bar And The Cloister Isn’t So Great