Emma Mills presents a celebratory style of eating for all occasions. With newly reviewed behavioural science and beautifully presented meditations, Relish offers an inspiring re-think of food, mood and mindfulness.



The Inspiration

Relish has been designed by leading meditation expert Emma Mills. Emma has been in the health and wellness industry for over ten years. She has helped thousands of people to make shifts in their habitual thinking and has recently been selected to design guides for luxury wellness brand Neom Organics, as well as for Public health charities MIND and Amnesty International. Each copy of Relish comes with 6 downloadable audio lessons recorded with Emma and a 72 page manual complete with full colour photography of simple moments captured in and around her studio in Shoreditch. The course manual has been beautifully laid out to make for a clear and inspiring learning experience and has been formatted for use using computers, smart phones and tablets, as well as for home printing.


The Ethos

To prevent relapse and fluctuations is mood and weight, the course isn't a new diet and doesn’t offer a meal plan, a time period or nutritional advice, rather it aims to:
1. bring to light and make improvements to, the parts of your diet that may have become unconscious, habitual, guilt laden, mundane or compulsive.

2. share a classic approach to life where food is relished, good choices happen naturally, moment to moment and each meal is a welcome reminder of the joy of being alive.


The Syllabus

Included in the 82 page course guide there are 22 practical exercises as well as popular poetry prescriptions and music playlists.

Module One: A Small Collection Of Simple 'Bread And Butter' Meditations To Use During The Course

Module Two: Hunger, Craving & Habit

Module Three: Shopping, Food Sensitivity, Clear Seeing, Celebration & Pantry Prep

Module Four: Eating, Preparing, Cooking & Sharing

Module Five: Discernment & After Care

Module Six: On The Go, At Work, Eating Out, Traveling, Friends.

Module Seven: Fulfilment  And Happiness

 + 6 guided meditation audios to download and practice with 







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RELISH The Guide To Learn About Mindful Eating And Meditation Courses