While living in large cities, although not always, I tended to get a homogenous sense of the seasons. They all passed with relative speed and the only thing that gave away their silent passage was the temperature on the London underground and what sort of clothes were on sale in the shops.

Living in the countryside, as I do at the moment, I see the seasons changing more readily. The light changes, the sky changes, the temperature changes, the wild animals I see on my walks change too. Rabbits in spring, pheasants in fall.

Just as the fruits on offer change with the seasons, certain inclinations may present themselves more readily in spring than in winter and vice versa.

What’s more, this rhythm seems to have a good sense of both intelligence and patience. If you want wild flowers next year you’ll have to plant them now, and then wait. There is a time to row and a time to reap and you simply can’t rush fun.

“Autumn Is Natures Season For Sowing Seeds.”

I saw this phrase on a sign at the garden center the other day. I aways imagine that March is the time for sowing seeds, but Autumn is natures time apparently.

Are you the sort of person who sows seeds? Yes? Or perhaps, maybe not? Either way, if you’d like to, you can sow ideas, intentions, and questions instead.

Here’s how to start:

  • Make a list of the things you’d like to explore. (IE: goals, dreams, understandings, personal qualities)
  • Pop it in a sealed envelope and tidy it away in a drawer ( like a dream time capsule!)
  • Revisit your dream capsule next year during Spring clean time and see how things have flowered.

I like this little explorative game because it seems to encourage a sense of patience. Just like sowing seeds, you plant, water and wait. You attend to them in the way that seems best in any given moment until….maybe one day you see signs of life sprouting up!

Sometimes setting a goal is like throwing an anchor out ahead of us, whereupon life in its infinite intelligence conspires to pull us in towards it. This is because life and you aren’t separate. The same impulse that gives rise to the desire or question, is the impulse which will see it fulfilled.

Happy seed sowing friends.