Author and Wellness Expert, Emma Mills shares her top tips for how houseplants can keep you feeling calm. 

Stress is something we all experience from time-to-time, both at home and in the workplace, and can sometimes leave us feeling in need of an escape. However, there’s no need to book a holiday just yet, as we’ve got the perfect, green solution to tackle those blues that’s much cheaper than a round the world ticket: Houseplants. No wonder biophilic design is the biggest current trend that brings us closer to nature and improves our wellbeing.

Award-winning British author and consultant specialising in meditation and wellness, Emma Mills is passionate about the link between wellbeing and nature. Emma advocates the stress-relieving effects of houseplants and how creating your very own green sanctuary can help to create a sense of calm and positively boost your mood. “By bringing the outside in and enriching our indoor spaces with houseplants, this reminds us of a natural simple way of living. A pace of life that is slower yet still incredibly intelligent, beautiful and efficient.”

Existing research also supports this, with a previous study revealing a 37% reduction in tension and anxiety when houseplants were introduced into the workplace, as well as promoting wellbeing and performance. Through her own personal experience, Emma believes that simply adding a splash of green to your kitchen counter or office desk can considerably help to reduce stress. “I believe that small steps each day can make a big difference to your wellbeing and being close to nature has significant and wide-ranging health benefits. I have quite a lot of houseplants living with me at home at the moment, around 30. I have loved keeping houseplants over the years and have found they bring a sense of calm, optimism, purpose and mindfulness.”

Inspired by Emma’s philosophy, we’ve created a list of five must-have houseplants to integrate into your life, whether that’s at home or at work, to create a space of zen. READ FULL FEATURE AT THEJOYOFPLANTS.CO.UK