It’s an incredible blessing and privilege to live a life in which one can holiday from time to time. Yet it’s not uncommon to find it hard to relax and enjoy those holidays. But don’t worry, I hope this short 1 month guide to managing stress ecan help.

1 Month to go:

Avoid misunderstandings and communication faux pas by checking in wih the intentions of your traveling partners early on. What might be an important priority for you, could slip the mind of someone else. And visa versa.

Time spent in reconnaissance is rarely wasted. Better to make arrangements, let go and enjoy the moment,  than be ill prepared and spend 2 months worrying about what may or may not happen.

3 weeks to go

Start your breathing exercises.

Begin learning your meditation techniques now!  There’s a quick guide here.  Invest in a beautiful essential oil, a special candle or some private meditation tuition and be prepared to help yourself relax in style.

p.s try this music meditation while on tour travels! 

2 weeks to go

Be inspired by timeless, easy going mother nature. Trees are a great example of going with the flow. Let’s face it, they aren’t going anywhere fast are they.

Not only are we hardwired to respond positively to the natural environment, greenery can be the perfect partner with which to walk off unhelpful thoughts. Check out my pick of the best green spaces and parks in London and Essex here.

10 days to go

Order your holiday reading.  I’ve pinned some classic books to read and love over here, take a look and do tell me what you are reading as I’d love to hear.

1 week to go.

Give yourself a mini cleanse & refresh before your holiday.


Emma’s Marvellous Mini Cleanse

1. Start the day with a large glass of warm water with lemon & 5 mins of mindful breathing meditation.

2. Fill your day with 2 litres of water & 7/8 portions of fresh fruit and veg.

2. Cleanse unnecessary mental & social input (unsupportive news, magazines or substances)

3. Pick up a lavender plant! In a double-blind study, lavender oil worked as well as the valium-like drug lorazepam (Ativan) for relief of persistent anxiety.(Learn more)

4. Clean your car, your home, your desk. Remember, empty space is potent!

Think of it in terms of preparing a nice warm bed for your holiday self. Rather than going into it exhausted, dehydrated and undernourished, go in with your head high and ready for a good time.



1 day to go

Have the courage to change what you can and accept what your can’t. If intentions don’t go to plan, turn your attention to your thought process, and ask, Q. Can I loosen up the reigns a little, as to how this should be?

Give it a go and your stress levels should ease up.

It can also be useful at this point to write down the things you will do when you return from the holiday period, important tasks etc. This can act like a calming bookmark, freeing up mental space by releasing your mind of the pressure of having to remember where you were on the proverbial page.



Thanks for reading! I hope these simple steps give you food for thought on being less stressed and more inspired.


Emma Mills