Cutting edge science and new technologies are offering people the chance to look deeper into their genetic expression and cellular activity in order to become super well, and maybe even, superhuman. Whatsmore, as humans and AI/computers continue to merge, people will apparently be better able to hack and personalise their brains, nutrition, skincare and lots more.

I used to think that human beings merging with AI meant, well, becoming Robocop! 🙂 But I now realise it can be as simple as relying too heavily on your smartphone’s calculator to add up a bill. I really appreciate the calculator facility on my mobile phone, but from time to time I try to use my own brain to perform sums so that I’m not overly reliant on the computer/phone.

You can use Google to translate a ton of languages, all at the tap of a finger! But actually developing the human brains facility for having multiple language centres is absolutely marvellous and I want to keep that faculty onboard for sure so I do the same with translation.


Back in 2009, somewhere else on the wellness spectrum, I was working at a wonderful mental health organisation here in the UK. I was also meditating, but I kept the two quite separate. Skip forward 10 years, and today this very organisation is offering reiki, reflexology and aromatherapy. Truly marvellous!

Just as science and tech are developing at a rapid pace, these non-traditional holistic practices are gaining in popularity. According to the New York Times, now therapists have to figure out astrology, tarot and psychedelics. Alternative therapies like crystal healing, shamanism and flower remedies have been popular for a long time, and they seem to be embraced by the mainstream much more these days which is quite exciting.

An existential enquiry

If you’ve ever been unwell or looked after a poorly loved one, you’ll probably agree that there are huge benefits to being healthy and well! But what strikes me most is that by following the wellness mission, be it through science, shamanism or both, we’re simultaneously exploring another kind of question. Something a little more existential:

‘What are we?’

All through history people have looked to different sources for help and healing, as well as to find meaning, guidance and validation. Just think of all the Roman gods and goddesses you can pray to for a bountiful crop!

I suppose none of this is new, but how curious it all is.

We do live in interesting times!

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