Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word entheos and means God within. It is referring to a divine spark or fire that burns within those with a passion for a cause, job, or life in general. 

Meditation has now been proven to bring an increased capacity for joy in practitioners, and with joy comes enthusiasm for life. Time spent in meditation can help you get a good connection to yourself and a great sense of whatever it is that sparks your enthusiasm. 
Enthusiasm tips:

1. Spend time with others who seem to have a passion or interest and listen to them speak about it. Even if you don’t share a persons object of interest ( trains, fashion, poetry, art etc) it is often just lovely to spend time with them while they are in the throws of their enthusiasm. It’s such a beautiful energy isn’t it. Listen to your favourite singers talk about their latest album, or watch a movie or YouTube series filmed by people who have a passion.

2. Consider the things you loved doing as a child when you may perhaps have had fewer obligations. Alternatively, consider the things you would do or the causes you would support if you had infinite resources, time, money, health etc. Reflect on what it is about those activities that you find so attractive.

3. Many people discount their interest because they think it won’t go anywhere, be successful or that they won’t be good at it. Why not explore hobbies and interests for fun without an agenda or expectations? Stay open minded and be patient with yourself. Try your interests out for size. You never know what you’ll discover. —- Read about my own creative process and about how I tap into my wellspring here.

What kind of things are you interested in these days? Let me know if the comments below!