Many of lifes moments can be enjoyed or assuaged by a good long walk.

If you like the idea of feeling less stressed and more inspired, less in your head and more in the moment– you’ll just love this weeks blog.

The benefits of walking, especially outdoors, have been documented by scientist increasingly over the past 10 years. Todays blog focusses on just two ways of approaching your wellness walk:

  1. Walking with purpose; walking as a means to an end

  2. Walking with no purpose; walking for walkings sake


In every day life the first  approach sounds like this: ‘I’m walking to the shops or to work; or I’m walking to keep fit’. And the second says, ‘I’m just going for a walk. No purpose really, I just feel like it.’

The way we walk offers a nice metaphor for the way we approach life. For example, sometimes you might see the journeying part of walking  as something to be rushed through, ignored and at times just about tolerated as a means to get to the destination. Other times you might consider the walk to be as valuable as the destination. 

Neither of these approaches to walking are right or wrong and if you feel happy, contented and healthy then it seems that however you are walking and living, works well for you!

But, if you find yourself feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed, you might enjoy a simple shift in your walking style.


IDEA: Walk without intent. Holding too tightly to expectations can block our ability to see alternative, interesting ways of living. If you find you often feel stuck in a rut, experience repetitive thinking and can’t seem to find solutions to lifes challenges; open walking (& purposelessness in general) can be the perfect solution to an over prescriptive life.

  • Walk more.
  • Let walking remind you to enjoy the journey
  • When you have the luxury of time, go for a walk, not to get anywhere, but just for walkings sake.
  • When you don’t have time, change the way you see the purposeful walks you do take. 

Where will you walk next? Will it be to the office, to the kettle, to the front door? Wherever you find yourself walking, take note of these subtle shifts and you will almost certainly get more life for your money.

Happy Walking!