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A psychology graduate from Westminster, Emma Mills is a UK based meditation teacher, writer, and creator of her wellness company ‘Emma Mills London’ 

She currently has a new book out called Inhale Exhale. Repeat, a 24-hour meditation guidebook for every part of your day. (Penguin Random House, 2017) Having taught across the UK, she now offers private tuition and consulting, and counts many international industry leaders among her clients.

She is the former director of literature for bibliotherapy with the organisation MIND (2009-2014), bringing new people to the unexpected joys of poetry & literature and developing radical and evidence-based programmes. 

This year Emma has been working with design and wellness businesses such as Neom Organics and Stella McCartney, literary brands such as Lonely Planet and The Idler, and nonprofit organisations Amnesty International and MIND.  The fruit of these collaborations includes meditation infused spa treatments, the new Lonely Planet wellness guide and delivering literary-inspired meditation training to staff.

Emma provides consultancy to businesses keen to include wellness and meditation in a product range or service provision. She is available to host special events and provide team training. She also offers 121 sessions in Central London and the Midlands.

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Working with Emma is like being taught the Tao Teh Ching By Eliza Doolittle. She is a breath of fresh air and the staff here lover her - Jane Danann, Swan Fostering


I was keen to focus on meditation after struggling with it for many years and I came across Emma's website online.
Emma has a great way of teaching and had a very impressive way of explaining things both clearly and simply.
It was also apparent that she adapts her approach taking into account that each and every client Emma works with is unique and has their own specific aim in terms of what they wish to achieve.
I would highly recommend Emma's services and I am now meditating regularly and the benefits are great!
- Jean Reuseaux, Business Owner & Entrepreneur, London.


As a life long sufferer of Anxiety I’ve always investigated treatments both spiritual and medical , the search for the ‘holy grail’ offering me total mental equilibrium.  At 43 I now accept that there is no magic pill, chant or rooted vegetable that will offer me this complete Utopia.  Approaching a year ago I met with Emma a few times and while exploring other avenues she introduced me to meditation.  Since then I have mediated pretty much every day regardless of if I’m working abroad, down the garden, or sitting in my office. I honestly can’t hand on heart profess that this has helped me to any great extent,  what I can say is I enjoy it very much, I do it because I enjoy it, the mental tranquility and noticing the subtleties of sounds and colours that I would otherwise ignore.  Very often if more distracted than usual guided mediations help to gain focus or ideally a trip back to my meditation guru (Emma).  The very fact that I enjoy meditation and would like to explore it further has made be realise that it is actually a hobby and not a quick fix for my difficult times. I like to think of it as a mental massage and who doesn’t enjoy a massage - Jonathan, Advertising exec and business owner, London


Recently I read a poem by the Scottish poet Nan Shepherd. For me it says much about the type of person you meet who has an everlasting impact on you in a most beautiful way. It made me think of Emma and the doors she helped open for me --and of course the lovely soul that she is. - Claire Mallervoy, Therapist with MIND


Emma is a very intelligent and thoughtful person who takes great care to make sure her clients receive a well structured and individually tailored service that delivers great results. I’m sure I will use Emma again in the future and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to improve on any aspect of their lives. - Dennis Richards, Entrepreneur and business owner, Chigwell Essex.


Emma is a highly intuitive, sensitive therapist. Above all however, she is someone who cares deeply for her clients and goes the extra mile to help and encourage her new “friends” on a more positive path. -Simone dubois, Lead Opera Violinist


In the past i have worked with Emma and she is a very positive person to be around. Emma is a very sensitive and creative soul. She is particularly good at putting people at ease, and helping a person to overcome a lack of self-esteem or confidence in their own ability. - Nicki Treend, West Essex Mind, Staff


Thank you so much! A few weeks later and I’m still surprising myself on a near-daily basis with the changes in perspective you’ve opened up for me; I’d also like to say how much I enjoyed the sessions themselves: so calm, peaceful, and relaxing, the perfect antidote to a busy and hectic workday. - Sonia, Musician


Thank you so much for all your help! I went in knowing that my problems were so big and deep-rooted that the best I could hope for in the short term was to find a way to manage them. A few weeks later and I'm still surprising myself on a near-daily basis with the changes in perspective you've opened up for me; rather than a quick (or slow!) fix, you've given me the tools to start understanding and helping myself.  I'd also like to say how much I enjoyed the sessions themselves: so calm, peaceful, and relaxing, the perfect antidote to a busy and hectic workday. - Danial, Computer Programmer


I just wanted to say thanks so much for your help over the last few weeks. I genuinely feel like a whole new person - I can honestly say i feel the most positive i ever have, and the most optimistic about life ahead of me. - Stephan, Publishing Executive

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