A Painting Is A Portal

A Beautiful Picture, The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

I have a print of it in my office and it’s one of my favorites. I think that a painting is a portal ( a poem is also a portal! ) and I feel it with this one particularly. The feeling I am left with is manifold. But one of the feelings or sentiments is… that there is no separation. Everything Is touching everything else. There are no white spaces. The colours and objects seem seamless. No ground or foreground. It is all ground. And the kissers are at one, entirely intimate with each other and everything else.  What do you make of it?

Picture via @sothebysinstitute  – Link to view image & video on Sotherbys website

Art Fact: One of the Klimt’s masterpieces (Bauerngarten) sold at auction last year for £48m at #Sothebys London. It is the artist’s highest-priced landscape work.  Here is a small video from Sotherbys, on the meditative beauty of that particular painting.