Hello friends.

It feels like a long time since I have posted. I think it’s only been about 4 weeks since I added an entirely new post. But somehow, in my mind it feels like longer.

I have so  many ideas and inspirations I want to share with you. So many new blogs I want to write. I’m teaching a lot lately and just at the moment I don’t have as much time as I’d like to pen the many blogs I have stored in my mind for you. Thanks for keeping in touch with me and for your support. 

There is a great poem by John Keats called “When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be”, the opening gambit goes like this:

“When I have fears that I may cease to be 

Before my pen has glean’d my teeming brain,

Before high piled books, in charact’ry, 

Hold like rich garners the full-ripen’d grain; 

When I behold, upon the night’s starr’d face, 

Huge cloudy symbols of a high romance, 

And think that I may never live to trace 

Their shadows, with the magic hand of chance;


Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/When_I_have_Fears_that_I_may_Cease_to_Be


Well, what can I say— Mr Keats. He’s got the magic!! 

I really love those first two lines. I relate to them, and I thought perhaps you might too. Maybe if I were to re-write the poem today, the second line could swap ‘my pen’ for ‘my blog’ (and probably lots of other things too)

I have been working on a new piece of work which involves quite a lot of research and writing. I am so looking forward to sharing it with you. In the new work I’m exploring beauty, nature and art. When I embark on a new piece of work I see the pleasure that is the creative spirit, really come out to play.  I’ll share an example, in the hope that perhaps you will recognise a similar one in your own experience. 

When I start to look into something (like classical music, trees or the poetry of John Keats)  as part of a project or hobby or just a question I’m pondering, — well, a funny thing happens.  My life circumstances begin to reflect the question, and in doing so, bring me the answer.  

Asking a question of life, or having a wonder stirring inside of you, is a little like putting a sign outside your door letting others know what you are interested in. Soon the world begins to help you with your question. You come across the right books, meet the right people, or overhear conversations. It is almost as though the world at large is in on your little project and is bringing you things that fulfil your need. 

Each time I come to a point in my research where a question goes unanswered – within days, often, within minutes, the answer or further information is given to me. It doesn’t fall out of the sky or come via a whisper in the ear from some kind of holy angel. It is, somewhat alas, a little more pedestrian than that.

It might show up as a link shared on twitter which details the thing I’m thinking about. Or perhaps someone lends me a book. OR maybe I open book I’ve had for years and find the answer. It’s mysteriously wonderful.



If I were exploring this phenomena from a cognitive perspective I might say that my brain filters my perceptions and guides my attention to notice the things that have been in the forefront of my mind. If I were exploring it from a new age perspective I might suggest that I had manifested the answers. 

Either way, I have found this handy process to be quite phenomenal to watch. 

Life is one big whole and all parts are more than connected. To say that things are connected is a massive understatement. It implies the existance of separate things, that connect. From here what it feels like is that there is just the one whole thing, in flux. So yes, more than connected! Everything is intimately one.

When life is looked at from this vantage point it becomes easier to see how the creative urge, the creative question and the creative answers can all be fullfilled by the same source. There is just life. And it is living, asking and answering its own questions, through us and through all things. 

I have found that following the thread of your interest can be a very useful and fulfilling way to spend time. It can also be a nice way to tap into the flow of life. To get into the slip stream of lifes intelligence.

So where were we…. In the words of the poet Hafez,

‘Sometimes a poem happens like this one:

The mule I sit on while I recite

Starts off in one direction

But then gets drunk

And lost in


Hafiz, The Mule That Got Drunk And Lost In Heaven, Trans. Daniel Ladinsky

I wrote a piece just lately about our capacity for beauty and the different orientations we can take to it, i.e. conceptual thinking verses a more intuitive knowing.  I found an excellent video that I wanted to share with you, and that’s what inspired this blog. I was thrilled when someone on social media shared the video. The chap is describing his encounter with the deer, as well as offering a dialogue on the way in which we can relate with the natural world and beauty –if we are to be truly touched by it.

It was so amazing that I should see his video, having just written intensively on the subject, and from a very similar angle. 

Life is such a dance. 

I would love to know how you feel about it? What happens when you ask a question in life? Do you see any funny business when you are creating things? When are you in the flow, and where do you want to invite the flow?

I hope you are well.

Thank you for continuing to join me on this exploration of all things meditation, psychology and art.

Please leve a comment bellow, letting me know your thoughts.