There is usually a brief gap between one task coming to completion and a new task starting up. See if you can spot this tiny pause and stay with it for a moment.

Close your eyes and spend a moment exploring what it is like to be in this state of needlessness. Where do you feel this phenomenon in your body?

When a new motivation or need arises, you’ll become aware of the next task you wish to complete. -Notice where this begins in the body. Does this new impetus have an accompanying sensation?

Consider the moment and marshal your troops. Then take informed action by embarking on the next task – whatever that may be for you.

On a commute

Take your time and pay attention, inspiration can appear where you least expect it. Sometimes life can be so busy and we hurry because we’re late and time is of the essence. There are other times when maybe we aren’t late or under time pressure — but we still rush, out of habit. When I spot myself rushing unnecessarily, I pause, take a conscious breath and say ‘If there’s no real rush, why not stop and smell the flowers’.

Waiting at the doctors office

Waiting at the doctors or the post office offers us a nice opportunity to practice being patient, happily. Just waiting quietly, noticing our own breath, our own presence. If you don’t fancy sitting and being,  why not read a beautiful poem, write in your journal or reflect on one or two lovely quotes you have collected recently.

In the shower 

I like to use a lovely aromatherapy shower oil and as I shower I take in the fragrance and enjoy the brief moment of calm.  Something else I like to do is shower outdoors.  (Note: I have a suitable home for this and I only do it where safe, appropriate and of course in the right temperature!) I often shower outside when I go on camping trips too. It’s so lovely to feel your feet on the ground and to be at one with nature. It makes me very aware of how the soaps I use on my body do indeed end up in my garden. Which helps me to become a little more eco friendly as time goes by.

While exercising

Be present. When you’re interested in your movement you’ll come to learn lots about your body. You might also discover many new and interesting forms of exercise. Fitness also offers a nice opportunity to bring your attention down into your body. In this way you can notice the large and subtle sensations associated with your body. You also get to appreciate the remarkable bodily intelligence happening right where you are, which can be a wonderful thing.

Blog post shared with Canadian Living Magazine, taken from the book Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.